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The Applications of JB-1126 in TD-SCDMA Experience Centers of China Mobile

China Mobile are currently trying out & promoting TD-SCDMA (TD for short) in 8 cities of China territory. Many TD experience centers have been opened in Beijing. Different from other business halls, TD experience center are capable of providing TD business demos. Meanwhile, everybody can personally experience the glamour of 3G mobile phones.

In the TD experience center in South Gate of Tsinghua University, Beijing; the TD experience center in Zhushikou, Beijing; business hall of Caishikou, Beijing; and business hall of Wangjing, Beijing, etc., the opportunity for spot audiences to direct feel 3G mobile phone is realized.
For security & protections for the exhibits in these experience centers, they all adopt our JB-5011 (alarm) & JB-1126 (security display holder).

As to performances and scenes of applications, please feel free to check pictures as follows.


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