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Our company was established in March of 1996. In the beginning, our main business was to provide project designs & installation services of security display systems for museums. Up to 2003, we had successfully designed & installed the anti-theft alarm systems for 15 large-scale museums.

In May of 1998, we installed the first EAS system (for Zhejiang, it’s the first) in Zhejiang Foreign Languages Bookstore, with EAS system imported from Netherlands.

In August of 2000, for the first time, exported EAS tags to Ecuador, South America

In March of 2002, became Chinese agent for Jablotron products (anti-theft alarm devices) from Czechic.

In July of 2004, changed business model, from engineering services to the researches & manufactures of security display devices

In December of 2004, developed & manufactured the first new reel for our company - JB-9515.

In May of 2005, developed & manufactured the second new reel - JB-9610 (cable extension can be controlled manually & stopped at a certain place)

In November of 2005, developed & manufactured the third mini reel - JB-9713

In January of 2006, developed & manufactured the fourth reel (drip-shaped type) – JB-9895

In June of 2006, started mechanical manufactures of EM tags.

In November of 2006, developed & manufactured independent alarm system - JB-5011

In November of 2006, got China patent for our product series of reels & end connectors.

In November of 2006, got the China patent for secure transportation device – the tip indicator

During March – December of 2007, we had the ability of manufacturing 4 kinds, more than 90 styles of reels & end accessories. Also the independent alarm systems & various electronic sensors (as auxiliary facilities for alarms) came out in our factory. There were more consummate options for clients then.

In July of 2007, became Chinese supplier for Stacey UK.

In August of 2007, became one of the Chinese supplier for Protex from US.

In April of 2008, developed & manufactured the fifth mini reel - JB-9928.

Up to May of 2008, our customers extended over 30 countries & areas around the world.