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Notice of Mid-Autumn Festival

Annually lunar calendar August 15th is a traditional Mid-Autumn joyful festival in China. Is a year at this time, the middle of the autumn, so is called Mid-Autumn.

In the lunar calendar of China, a year is divided into the four seasons. For each season, it is divided into three parts as Meng, Zhong, Ji. As a result the Mid-Autumn is also called as the autumn of Zhong .

August 15 of moon compare the full moon of other a few months more orbicular, brighter, so be called "the of month" again, "August Stanza".

This night, the people look up at the sky, such as jade, such as the bright moon of Langlang of the dish. The natural session hopes the family reunion. Far travellers in other place, also borrow this feeling to consign the oneself to remember fondly to the home town and close relatives. So, the Mid-Autumn is also called "Reunited Stanza".

Hangzhou is cool and fresh in this season. Sweet scent of sweet-scented osmanthus permeates. Scenery everywhere is charming. Thus very suitable for a happy tour & holiday!

Our Mid-Autumn Festival holiday is from Sep 13 to Sep 15.

Finally wish a great Festival for every personnel!


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