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Proclamation of New Products

Proclamation of New Products

By joint efforts of TIMING team, today, we can finally have the long-expected new patent products released: JB-1836A & JB-1836B (multi-functional security display holder) and JB-5026 (4-input alarm). From now on, we accept reservations from our customers.

JB-55 (RJ electronic sensor with charging indication function), JB-56 (electronic sensor designed for cameras), JB-58 (magnetic electronic sensor), JB-1132 (aroma tester), JB-F (plastic end connector, with positioning options for cable end), DC-6V power adapter, etc. are released at the same time. As to more introductions of our products, please feel free to pay attention to our website pages.

We really care about any comments (on our products) from you & expect better benefits for all customers as well.

Our development tenets are:
Create together – Create new business opportunity together & establish friendship.
Share together – Enjoy new opportunity together, establish mutual understanding & develop friendship.
Win together – Mutual win from new opportunities. Make customers be our good friends & partners.

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