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DA1852B Multi-Functional Oblique Stand Display Series.

Functions & Features:
1)  Optional metal mounting base; specially designed separation way for stand & metal mounting base; mounting to table top / wall surface by 3M adhesive tape / screws.
2)  LED on base – red / blue / green color for your options.
3)  Independent alarm stand DA1852B is compatible with ES548C sensor;
Non alarm stand DA1852 is compatible with ES548B4V super sensor (with independent alarm function);
Non alarm stand DA1852 can work with ES548C sensor & central control alarm units.
4)  90°or 180°adjustable display angle for sensor head.
5)  Can indicate alarm location.
6)  Provide charging output Max charging current 2A.
7)  DA1852B has many alarm functions. Alarm can be triggered when:
Bottom base is tampered / sensor is disconnected / charging cable is cut or taken out.
8)  Stand color: white / black / silver / gold.
9)  Suitable for merchandise displays of mobile phone or small-sized electronic products. 

Main Parameters:
1)  Stand shape & size: oval shaped stand: 6.3 X 4.9 X 7 Cm (intermediate value).
2)  Main material for the stand: ABS. Material for Metal mounting base: aluminum.
3)  Alarm volume for DA1852 alarm stand: ≥100DB
4)  Max output charging current: 2A.
5)  Battery standby time (for the rechargeable lithium battery inside DA1852B): 7 days (if no external power supply)
6)  Code modification function: yes.
7)  Low battery indication: yes.
8)  External power on / off indication: yes.
9)  Display angel: adjustable.
10)  Power input via: USB plug, 1 meter cable

Optional Accessories for DA1852B:
*  Power adapter: 5V/A2-USB / 5V/2AX6USB power adapter.
*  Charging cable types: Micro USB, Apple, Type-C.
*  DP1151 / DP1161 apple clamp (clamp for mobile phone / tablet).
*  EAS051R hand-held decoder (with detacher & remote key functions).

Remarks: As an independent alarm unit, ES545B4V super sensor has more application possibilities. For more details, please check with our website.