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ES543B series Super Sensor

Patented product.

Super sensor is a small-sized and multi-functional independent alarm device with functions of charging output, signal detection, independent alarm and various application etc. It is not only used as an independent alarm device, but also could combine with display holders, recoilers and sensors to achieve better display.


Main functions:
1) RJ11 port is compatible with all TIMING normal sensors.
2) RJ11 port is compatible with all TIMING recoilers with RJ port
3) It has a signal detection switch.
4) It offers a MINI USB charging port.
5) Rechargeable lithium battery built inside.
6) Standby time of 7 days or 1 year for your options.
7) LED light indication for different alarm position
8) It has power switch to turn off power when put in warehouse.
9) It has low battery indication and external power connection/disconnection indication
10) It has password modification function for remote key, and RESET button.
11) Alarm volume is above 95db±5%..
12) It could use with TIMING clamp to secure mobile phones/tablets better.
13) It is compatible with DP1143 wall display holder, DA1880O and DA1830U desktop display holder.
14)  It offers a 3M adhesive tape.

1) product size: 60x37x17mm.
Alarm volume: ≥95db.
3) Standby time: 7 days or 1 year for options.
4) Charging output: MINI USB.
5) External power and signal input port: RJ11.
6) Maximum charging current: 2A.