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AS5124H / AS5128H   Four / Eight-port Multi-functional Alarm Unit

Functions and features:
1)     Offer 4 / 8 RJ11 output ports to connect 4 / 8 sensors or display systems.
2)     Offer 2 online RJ12 ports for 2 or more 4/ 8-port alarm unit using at same time to be 12/16/20/24/28/32-port central control alarm system.
3)     Offer 1 external remote RJ12 port to connect various external alarm signal / siren such as ES521IR to realize long-distance remote function.
4)     Metal case, LED indication function to show work condition of every defense area.
5)     Can customize wifi Bluetooth reception function.
6)     Built-in rechargeable lithium battery with 7 days standby time in maximum, low battery indication function.
7)     Alarm will be triggered when alarm unit is detached.
8)     Code modification function.
9)     Offer power switch.
10)  Built-in short-circuit protection function.

Main parameters:
1Size: 165 X 74 X 33mm.
2Case: ABS.
3Output port: 4 / 8 ports of RJ11.
4Alarm volume: ≥100DB.
5Standby time of built-in rechargeable lithium battery: 7 days.
6Code modification function: yes.
7Low battery indication: yes.
8External power on / off indication: yes.
9Power input port: DC.

Optional accessories:
1)     Power adapter: 5V/8A.
2)     AS3X series IR remote keys.
3)     ES521IR external remote signal.
4)     RJ-2 cable.

For more functions and accessories, kindly please contact our sales or local distributor.